Hangar Lease


January 1, 2016

Lessor:                            Eastern Slope Airport Authority (lessor)

Lessee:                           Name (lessee)

Location:                         Coleman Hangar Building, Bay E, Eastern Slope Regional Airport Fryeburg, Maine

Term:                              Commencing January 1, 2016 and Expiring December 31, 2016

Rate:                               $2000.00 Per Year Payable immediately in one lump sum

Conditions of Rental:

1. Lessee will use the Hangar at his/her own risk, with no liability of Lessor for loss or damage to Lessee’s property by reason of theft, vandalism, fire or other casualty. Lessee will make no use of the rented premises, which would increase the insurance rate of Lessor’s Hangar Building over the applicable rate for aircraft storage only.

2. Lessee shall not remodel, pave, enclose or make additions to, or in any way make alterations to said Hangar and Hangar Bay without the written consent of Lessor.

3. Lessee shall be responsible for all snow removal within and from the Lessee’s door to three feet from the building. Lessee may not deposit snow onto pavement after snow removal has been completed. All snow must be deposited on the snow bank completely away from the pavement to alleviate the need for the snow removal crew to make multiple trips to the hangars.

4. Lessee’s use of the Hangar will be subject to applicable State and Federal regulations, including but not limited to FAA regulations and policies, and to any reasonable regulations’ governing its use or access thereto, as may from time to time be established by Lessor.

5. Lessee will comply with the Eastern Slopes Airport Authority Minimum Standards, including but not limited to the standard for Specialized Aviation Service Operators (SASO).

6. Nothing in this agreement limits the right of the lessee to perform routine maintenance of his own aircraft.

7.. Lessee shall have no right to assign this rental agreement, or to sub-let the rented premises, save with the consent of Lessor or its authorized agents. Lessee hereby guarantees performance by any such sub-tenant or assignee of all Lessees’ obligations hereunder.

8. Engines shall not be operated in the Hangar. To facilitate assess to and from hangar spaces by other tenants and to facilitate snow removal and maintenance, lessee’s use of the leased hangar for storage purposes shall be limited to the confines of the Hangar leased hereunder.

9. The term of this agreement is 12 months as defined above and no refunds shall be issued for vacating the hangar prior to the expiration of the termination date stated above

10. For failure to pay rent due hereunder or to perform any other obligation of Lessee hereunder, or to abide by any reasonable regulation mentioned in paragraphs above, after 10 days written notice addressed by first class mail to Lessee at the address above set forth above, and lessee’s failure to perform or fail to abide continues or persists, Lessor may forcible enter and remove any property in the rented premises, and deposit same at any place on the Airport which Lessor may deem proper and retake possession the rented premises, with no liability to Lessor or any person for damage to the property removed, or for it’s protection after deposit elsewhere on the Airport. Lessee shall be liable for reasonable charges or such removal and continued storage on the Airport and Lessor shall have a lien on said property for such charges, as well as rental due hereunder.

11. On Full performance by Lessee of all his/her obligations hereunder, Lessee shall have the first right of refusal to rent the same premises for an additional term of one year following the expiration of this lease on such rental terms, including amount of rent, as the Lessor may have established for the renewal year, for bays in the Hangar. This right of first refusal shall expire unless Lessee has executed a new lease agreement at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the original term hereof. Any such new lease agreement, Executed prior to the expiration of the term, which is to follow, shall contain a similar right of first refusal, so long as Lessor retains control of said Hangar.

12. This agreement shall be binding on the heirs, successor and assigns, of both parties.

13. Lessor provides reasonable electric power to the Hangar subject to availability from the Public Utility (Central Maine Power). If the lessee is determined to use excess power, as determined by the average power use of adjacent hangars, the Lessor may charge the lessee for additional electric power as it so determines.

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